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Wheels of Steel.

Wheels 1

On Sunday, 18th May, there was a fantastic turnout of over thirty Club members to ride the various Wheels of Steel charity events in aid of The Children’s Trust, Tadworth, the local hospital for children with severe disabilities.

Wheels 4

The rides all started and finished in a carnival atmosphere at Tadworth Court, where the hospital is. As always, they were well organised, with smooth signing on, well-marked routes (even if the Racers managed to go astray!) and welcome feed stations.

First off were six Racers, accompanied by three adults, for the Downs Challenge, a 40-mile road ride:

Matt & Dan G and dad John
Jack H and dad Brian
Jake M  
Will S coach Peter F

Next was Moji A from the Touring Group, who did the 25-mile Scenic Surrey road ride.

Two families, one from the Starters & one the Adventurers, did the 10-mile Family Challenge road ride:

Lewis H mum Carole and dad Chris, with Ivor & Arthur in a trailer
Georgia D mum Julia and dad Graham

The biggest contingent was 9 youngsters and 6 adults from the Adventurers, who did the 9-mile Family Fun off-road ride in a very respectable time, even though they had been told it wasn’t a race!

Toby C and dad Gavin
Connie & Harvey G  
Max H Catherine M
Chris & Matthew McG and dad Julian
Ben S  
Jack W and dad Dave
Aidan W mum Yvonne and dad Nick

Even Catherine managed to finish reasonably, in spite of declaring it to be a case of Legs of Jelly rather than Wheels of Steel!

Wheels 3

Unfortunately we don’t have an overall figure, but with over thirty riders participating, the Club hopes it has raised a good amount for The Children's Trust in entry fees, sponsorship and donations.

Wheels 2

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