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Tour of Britain racing

by Liam Fox

On Sunday 22nd of September I went to the Tour of Britain race for children on the Embankment in London.

When I arrived, there were outfits of many bright luminous colours, from different cycle clubs. I was there with Sam, Thomas, Emily and Alice from our club.

There was nine heats; the first three heats were for the girls and the other six for the boys. There was lots of cheering and a great atmosphere everywhere!

I was a bit nervous at the beginning but it was really fun when we got started. There was five laps in each race. I cheered everyone on and they cheered me. In the heats there were a few crashes but no one was hurt.

There was a long wait to hear the finals racing results and everybody was talking about their places. We were all very high in the finals.

When I started my final race, I was caught in a massive crash, taking another few cyclists down. In the end we all came very high on the list.

We got our prizes; a water bottle, gloves, a t-shirt with the Tour of Britain races on and a wrist band. At the end of the day we had a really good time and were happy. We're definitely doing it next year!

Team members were

  • Alice Davies
  • Emily Davies
  • Thomas Davies
  • Liam Fox
  • Sam McGhee
Tour of Britain 2013 1 Tour of Britain 2013 2 Tour of Britain 2013 9 Tour of Britain 2013 4
Tour of Britain 2013 5 Tour of Britain 2013 6 Tour of Britain 2013 7 Tour of Britain 2013 8 Tour of Britain 2013 10
Tour of Britain 2013 3

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