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June Ridgeway Ride

At the beginning of June, about 12 of us from the club had a great weekend staying in Wantage, Oxfordshire on the Ridgeway, one of Britain's oldest routes now popular with walkers and cyclists. The hostel we stayed in was a group of timber barns. On the Saturday, we set off around 10.00 to cycle about 35-40 miles. It was cloudy all day but there was no rain but it was very windy, especially when climbing the hills where it was very open but had good views of the scenery which you can probably see in the pictures we took. On the way home, we stopped off at a pub. We parked our bikes in front of someone's fence and we were quickly told by the owner of the house to move them. We had soft drinks and the adults had a cup of tea. Luckily we managed to complete the ride without any punctures or any serious crashes - just a couple of tumbles.

In the evening, before our meal, some of us slept and some played football. Rob and Margaret had shopped for the food in the daytime and the adults cooked a delicious pasta meal to give us energy for the next day's ride. Later on we went exploring in the woods and some played the card game Uno.

The next day we started off about 9.30 on a shorter ride of about 25 miles. The weather was slightly warmer but not too hot. We took a route in the opposite direction from the previous day. There were less hills to climb which was a relief.

A big thanks to Rob who booked the hostel and organised the routes for us. Sadly, he couldn't ride with us because he was still recovering from his recent accident. We all had a great time and would like to stay at the hostel again and have a go at some of the other routes with Rob cycling too.

Ridgeway Ride 1 Ridgeway Ride 2

Ridgeway Ride 3 Ridgeway Ride 4

Charles Parkinson

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