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Sutton Out in force at PORC

Sunday 22nd November was round 9 of the London Cyclocross League, which took place at Penshurst Off Road Cycling (PORC).

The heavy rains meant a lovely mix of sand mud and water creating a lovely slippery race surface, providing a real test of every rider's skills.

Sutton dominated the start line and the finish line of the U10's with 7 riders out of 15 in club colours. One of the toughest races so far, most of which was held in heavy rain. The Sutton team provisional results were:

  • Josh M (3rd Place)
  • Tom I (5th)
  • Gemma H (6th)
  • Dom C (8th)
  • Lewis G (12th)
  • Lewis H (13th)
  • Lucas M (DNF)

In the U12 race Matthew, Toby and Tom all put in a great race and ended as follows

  • Matthew M (5th)
  • Toby C (9th)
  • Tom N (13th)

Chris M was once again the sole Sutton rider in the U16's - a demanding 30 minute race with a long slippery drop into the valley and an even tougher slippery climb out again back to the start. Chris managed a very commendable 11th place.

Congratulations to all who took part.

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