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Drenched but undaunted!

Well, we certainly chose the wrong day weatherwise for the official launch of our new base at Northey Avenue - it was wet enough to have launched a boat!

Saturday 8th December was a day of gale-force winds and torrential rain, but we had a bigger turnout than normal - thirty young riders came and cycled undeterred.

We had to run the Talent Team tests a bit differently as the ground was so soft and muddy, but twenty-two youngsters registered times while the younger ones carried on with their normal Go-Ride activities. Having made short work of the refreshments in the pavilion, some of them then went back for more fun on their bikes, including a team limbo competition! Eventually, though, the driving rain became too strong for even the keenest riders.

The special guests, who included Paul Burstow, MP for Sutton & Cheam, and Club sponsor Maurice Burton and visitors, all praised the young cyclists for their keenness, riding in the cold and wet.

Scott Bugden, SE Go-Ride Coach, who helped run the Talent Team tests, said: "One point I would like to make is that everybody who turned up and rode in such rubbish weather deserves to be pleased with themselves. Even if the times had all been really slow (which they weren't) it shows that they have the right attitude"

Our thanks to all the coaches, officials, special guests and parents - and of course to our young riders - for coming along and making the day a success, in spite of the dreadful weather.

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