We welcome children of all ages that can already ride a bike.

How to join

If you think you might like your child to join the Club in the future, please email Club Secretary Catherine Mahé with your child's details: name, age, level of riding; discipline interested in, if any; where you live and anything else you feel might be relevant. His/her name will then be added to the waiting list.


We generally like to invite children from the list for a special Go-Ride starter session as a group. So far, this has worked out at approximately twice a school term. During the past year we have had a significant increase in regular attendance by existing members and we have to be careful to stay within the rider/coach ratios. We are constantly monitoring attendance to see when we can next invite a small group of newcomers.

Youth riders

It is possible to invite older riders (14+) who have experience of competition on road, mountain bike, 'cross or track, to join the club directly and attend our weekday training sessions.