Mountain bike

Most accessible form of mountain bike racing is cross-country (MTBXC). This takes place over a long course that takes in mixed terrain. For older riders it can be more technical and can include small drops, jumps and descents. For U12's, courses avoid most technical aspects but will cover mixed, uneven ground with small, natural obsticles.


We're lucky to have two excellent leagues that run events through the summer:

Youth riders

Unlike CX and Road, MTBXC puts younger riders into U9's and U12's. U14 are called Juvenile and U16 are Youth.

U9 (15 mins) and U12 (25 mins) compete on a short course, while Juvenile and Youth (both 45-50 mins) compete on the full course.

Entry for MTB tends to be slightly more than CX but discounts are available for series entries and paying in advance.

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