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Cyclo-Cross First impressions: The Last Impression!


Well this is a bit of a follow up to the last cyclo-cross report. I've finished the cyclo-cross season now and thoroughly enjoyed it! I finished second junior in the London league, not the first I had hoped for but ok for my first season of racing. I reckon the highlight of the season has to be my cross bike and we can talk about my season as BC (before cross bike) and AC (after cross bike) it makes that much difference. I think I must have jumped about 15 places to where I usually finished in the races. The most memorable race for me was probably the London Team Cyclo-Cross Champ's at Eastway, which was the last ever cyclo-cross race at Eastway before it gets redeveloped for the 2012 Olympics. Our team consisted of me, Brian Randall, Louise Mahé and Amy Thompson the only junior team at the event. The turnout was huge with 85 riders turning out. I had fallen off the day before and was still pretty sore so I wasn't sure how I was going to ride, the team was thrown together at the last minute as Amy Thompson doesn't ride for us but we had to have four team members to count as a team. We lined up to start and had got pretty far forward in a good position but then all the teams were put in grid order according to the result of the teams last year, as we hadn't taken part last year we were stuck at the back and I started about 60th down which I was less than pleased about. We had a lot of work to do! The first few laps were spent passing people before I settled down in a fast group and hung on (well it seemed fast for me). I stuck with that group and hang on for grim death, it was a fast and furious race but brilliant and the team finished 12th out of 22 teams and as we were an all junior team that was pretty good going. I finished 24th which I was pretty pleased about. Unfortunately our team didn't win a prize as we were the only junior team which we thought was pretty unfair. Overall I have really enjoyed the cyclo-cross season and now can't wait for the road season to begin!!!

Matthew Zietz

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