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Holly Ride


Over thirty members, both youngsters and parents, attended the Club's annual Holly Ride in Richmond Park on 22nd December.

The youngsters (and parents) had excelled themselves in the Best Dressed Bike and Rider competition, with reindeer horns, tinsel, wrapping paper, robins, snowmen and so on. Club Founder Clive Oxx had great difficulty in judging the compettion, but in the end awarded prizes to:

  • Lewis: - Best Dressed Bike
  • Connor: - Best Dressed Rider
  • Maya: - Best Dressed Bike & Rider

The group then split up into teams of three or so to complete a Quiz on wheels which had been devised by Clive. Here speed was not everything, as the team who arrived back second discovered - the answers also had to be correct!

  • 1st: - Aidan, Jake, Dave B
  • 2nd: - Dominic, Matthew, Ryan, David W
  • 3rd: - Toby, Amber, Julian

Everyone piled into the café to warm up and enjoy mince pies, a drink and a good chat after the presentation.

Holly2 Holly3


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