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Evans Bike Ride

Saturday 15th January 2005 Ockley

Evans Ride 05 Picture 1

I had so much fun on the ride, we started off in heavy mist, which covered the hilltops and made me very wet. After the start we climbed all the way up to Coldharbour near to the top of Leith Hill, the older ones soon dropped Holly and me but we had my dad and Moji with us, it was the biggest hill I have ever ridden up and I was feeling a bit sick by the top. We then headed off down a sandy track with huge puddles and a big decent with steps, we all managed to stay on our bikes and eventually got to Wescott, we had already done over five miles and my legs were already aching. Then we went along a main road up a steep hill, which seemed vertical with cars whizzing past then up another hill, which is the steepest I have ever managed to climb without stopping. By this time we had re grouped as the others had waited but I think they wanted a rest. We all carried on to the point where the ride split, I decided to go on the shorter one with Greg, Anne, Moji and Holly. We climbed again nearly to the top of Leith Hill and went back the way we had come which was fun. We arrived at the finish and waited ages for the others but it was ok because there was a good playground with swings and climbing frames, we also made a brilliant den in the hedge. When the others arrived they were very muddy and tired but we all had a great time. My dad reckons we climbed over thirteen hundred feet in thirteen miles.

This is my bike after the ride!!

Evans Ride 05 Picture 2

Robyn Bartlett.

Moji, Holly, Jack, Robyn, Dad, Rob, Anne, Matthew, Greg, Brian, Martin and I all started off together on the Evans Ride from Ockley. On the first hill I was behind the boys and in front off the little ones. I had a battle with a large bloke who obviously didn't want to be passed by a girl. He kept passing me - at least 5 times but each time I got him back and each time he seemed to be puffing harder. On the sixth time of passing him, he got off and walked - probably in disgust - 1 point to the girls!

At the split of the 13 and 26 mile rides, I decided to go with Matthew, Jack, Martin, Brian, Dad and Rob on the longer route. I thought I might give it a try as this was to be the longest ride I have ever done. However, as soon as the decision was made, we were faced with an almost vertical ascent - as I pushed my bike up the hill I was wondering what I had let myself in for.

We soon took a slight detour down a massive hill, which was fun descending but, once at the bottom, we realised that we were lost which meant re-tracing our tracks right to the top where we found a tiny marker showing the correct route. (A painful mistake and an additional 2 miles!)

By now my brakes were starting to wear out consequently I missed a corner and went into the prickly undergrowth - ouch!

After reaching Holmbury Hill. thinking it was the end of the ride having been pushed all the way up to the top, it suddenly dawned on us that we had to ride over Leith Hill as well. Gulp.

At this point we were all covered in mud and Rob was covered in blood, having tried to do a jump and fallen off - typical grown up. I was pretty tired and was struggling in the mud. In the biggest, deepest patch I stopped with Dad behind me. Thinking that it had gone a bit quiet, I realised that Dad had fallen in!! I have never seen him get up so fast!

Evans Ride 05 Picture 3This was the hardest, muddiest most fun ride that I have ever been on and I can't wait for the next one! I really enjoyed having a laugh with the boys!

Hannah Bartlett

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