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Club Riders Meet Erick Rowsell

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The Academy riders met former club member Erick Rowsell during the holiday. Erick started with Sutton CC and is now a part of British Cycling's Olympic Development squad. He is the current British Junior Road Race and Time Trial champion and recently won the silver medal in the European Track Championships as part of the pursuit team. Erick generously found time before leaving for Rotterdam to ride the Junior six day event to tell us about his life nowadays.

He lives in British Cycling's apartments in Manchester, near to the velodrome. Sister world champion Joanna (also started with Sutton CC) is in the ladies block next door. His time is spent in the velodrome or training in the country side nearby on road bikes. The full squad ride together on the road so Erick rides with Bradley Wiggins and other Olympians and Tour de France riders on a regular basis. Riders are also taught to look after themselves so that when they're living abroad they are self sufficient. Such common tasks such as cooking, nutrition, laundry, bike cleaning and maintenance form part of their education. Erick was questioned by our new wave of young 'hopefuls' on such things as training, diet and race tactics. It was a very educational morning for Sutton's young racers.

Erick gave four tips for young riders :

  1. Always have a training plan and a purpose for every training ride. Don't just 'go out for a ride'.
  2. Importance of rest and recovery.
  3. Learn bike maintenance, you need to be able to look after your bike.
  4. Learn something from every race. After the race think and discuss what went well and what didn't, tactics, nutrition etc.

In February Erick moves to British Cycling's base in Tuscany, Italy where the Development squad live and race under the supervision of Max Sciandri, former pro and Tour stage winner. As Erick is a first year senior he expects the first year to be hard but if he applies himself as earnestly as he has done thus far in his career the next few years will hopefully see him progress to a professional team and rides in the grand Tours and the Olympics.

Erick will stay in touch with us and we wish him a successful season.

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