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Cycling Nuts Race Report

On 4th October, a small group of young racers from the Sutton CC/De Ver Cycles went to take part in the Cycling Nuts race at Hillingdon Cycle Circuit, part of the Festival of Racing.

For most, it was their first race on this closed circuit race track, which is 0.93 miles long and renowned for being windy.

Despite the lack of signs, they followed the crowd, and were soon signing on and making their way to the start/finish.

The races were split into the usual categories of U8, U10, U12, U14 & U16 and there were lots of riders there from other clubs in the area. There was a points system for all the riders in the 3 youngest categories, whilst the U14 & U16 raced for the prize money for first place. All the riders completed their race, 1/2 hour +1 lap, on a very windy day and they enjoyed and gained experience from it.

Some comments I heard from the riders and the supporters:-

  1. "It was very windy down the back straight, I thought I was going backwards!"
  2. "I didn't know I was going uphill, with the wind behind me it was easy!"
  3. "Some of the gusts of wind almost blew me over."
  4. "How do you know who's won?"

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