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The Bramley Ride 2006

Picture 1 Bramley Ride 06 Picture 2 Bramley Ride 06

We started out and it was cold and wet; the weather was a mixture between snow and rain. We set out on the first little slope and it was freezing. It was all going well when we realized that we had missed the turning by a long shot! So we turned back and found the correct route which was up hill and very muddy. At one point the mud was up to our knees but Holly and I were going ok. This was where we split up, Rob, Moji, Holly and I formed one group while my dad, Jack, Matthew and my mad uncle Malcolm went ahead.

As we went on, we entered a winter wonderland. We found our own group of cyclists who we kept meeting again and again! Holly and I began to feel worn out. After we had done about 18 miles I asked Rob how many miles were left he said (or panted I would say) "this is the last bit" Good I thought. Four miles later Holly and I were on our last legs. I gave Rob a look and said "wait a sec is THIS the last bit?" "oh yes" said Rob in a voice which I would call unsure! Well it was not the last bit and I was very annoyed so I gave the official evilest look I had. This happened lots of times until Holly and I were on the brink of blowing but fuelled by anger we went on and on and on! Finally Rob got a call from my dad and said they had only just finished. He rode back to say hello and we finished 35 minutes behind them! Rob has only just been forgiven!

Picture 1 Bramley Ride 06


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